On Wednesday evening 2/6/13, 5 of us joined Mrs. Lacroix and the rest of the dog park committee at Goodall Library.  We wanted to show the adults that we cared about the dog park.  We are proud to have started this project.  Our supporters are growing! 
Dr. Cote has been trying to find a way to share some of her property on Shaw's Ridge to create a dog park. The next step will be to have folks meet with Mr. Buck and the property subcommittee. Please continue to spread the word about having a dog park.  Complete our interest survey!

We are looking into making T-shirts to advertise our project. We want to partner up with the Sanford Vocational Center's graphic arts students to watch and learn how it is done.  Look forward to purchasing and wearing a Sanford Maine Dog Park T-Shirt!


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