Today our project moved forward. Mrs. Lacroix went to a meeting with the property sub-committe to talk about three places we could put the dog park.Who came to the meeting? There were three City Councilors. Their names are Mr. Walsh, Mr. Burgess and Mr.Wilkins. The Parks and Rec Director is Mr. Blouin, and he was there, too.  Mr. Buck is the City Manager and his assistant Ms. Lord, and the Chief of Police, Mr. Connilly, sat around the table. Mr.Jacobsen, the executive director of Animal Welfare, and  Mrs. Adomaitis, the Dog Park Committee chairwoman attended.  The three places they are looking at are:  near #1 Pond, near the mills, and right off Shaw's Ridge Road. We think it's better when it's in the town because people can walk to it with their dog. Also it would be more safe because there are sidewalks so you and your dog can walk on. We are still hopeful that they will agree with us about how Sanford should have a dog park. T.T.

03/29/2013 1:55am

I am so excited about this project. You guys are amazing to come up with this and to be following through. I cannot wait to find out what the town has to say. I do agree that to have the park in town would be best. So much easier access for everyone. I have been following all along and have to say with much pride, keep up the great work!!!!


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